Paradiso Film Fest: the call for entries is open

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The call for entries is now open for short films and documentaries to participate in the fifth edition of the Paradiso Film Fest, scheduled to take place in Palazzo Adriano (PA) Aug. 2-4.

If you are an author or writer, please read the rules and enter your short film or documentary by June 15, 2024.

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  1. Paradiso Film Fest 2024 call for entries regulations
  2. Model release notice Paradiso Film Fest 2024
  3. Paradiso Film Fest 2024 Participation Form

  1. WHEN

Paradiso Film Fest, scheduled for August 2/3/4, 2024, will be a sensory and artistic journey, an immersion in the world and secrets of cinema and music, discovering an area with unique and authentic peculiarities.



The Paradiso Film Fest is organized by the municipal administration of the town of Palazzo Adriano in cooperation with Proloco. These realities are joined by local associations.



The artistic direction will view the works and make the selection.

Short films with a maximum length of 30 minutes made by Italian and international filmmakers in the last 4 years (2021 to present) are eligible to participate in the festival; no more than three titles per author can be submitted. Participation is open only to projects that have not taken part in previous editions of the call.



Italian and international documentaries with a maximum length of 60 minutes made within the last 3 years (from 2022 to present) may participate in this section; no more than one title per author may be submitted. Participation is open only to projects that have not taken part in previous editions of the call.


The awarding of prizes will be made by and at the sole discretion of the festival jury divided into technical and popular jury.

The following prizes will be awarded:

Best short film award of 500 euros.

Mention best animated short film

Mention to the best documentary

Mention best short film on social issues (live action and animation)

Mention best performer

Mention best photography

Mention best original soundtrack

Mention to the best short film on the Sicilian territory.

Audience Mention



Registration for the festival is free of charge.

Application should be submitted to the following e-mail address:

The following attachments, duly completed and signed, should be submitted:

Paradiso Film Fest entry form


Owners of works that intend to participate in the Festival must, no later than June 15, 2024, also to the same mailing address, send videos in 1920x1080p .mp4 .mov H264 format via downloadable links on Vimeo.

In case of selection, communicated by June 20, 2024 is also required:

The transcript of the dialogues in the original language and English

Subtitle synchronized in English and Italian

Low-resolution copy with imprinted subtitles

Five official photos


Short author/author bio

Registration will be considered valid only if it is complete with all required materials.

The presence of the author of the work at the festival is not binding. In case of non-attendance, a video greeting to the audience is required.



Beginning July 15, 2024, the titles, selected authors, dates and screening times will be published along with the full program on the official website of Paradiso Film Fest (


Upon entry, the Authors and Producers of the films submitted to the Festival agree to all the rules of the announcement. The Authors and Producers, while remaining for all purposes fully owners of their rights to the works, grant the Festival “Paradiso Film Fest” the right to screen their works, free of charge, as part of the event.

The authors also grant, free of charge, to the “Paradiso Film Fest” Festival the right to use one or more images from their works in order to promote the event and for other forms of communication and activities with the sole obligation of mentioning the artist.

The authors grant the organizing body, free of charge, the right to screen the works in future festivals organized on a non-profit basis. The “Paradiso Film Fest” Festival reserves the right not to publish or exhibit texts or works that are defamatory or obscene, or even considered as such. The Authors and Producers, in entering this contest, declare that they own the rights of use for any music that may be present in the film and for non-original video sequences. The “Paradiso Film Fest” Festival disclaims any responsibility concerning any injury of rights or disclaimers by the submitted works and their respective authors. The authors of the works and their producers by submitting the entry form also authorize the Festival “Paradiso Film Fest” to process their personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (Privacy). Personal data will be processed in accordance with the rights of confidentiality and personal identity. All disputes will be dealt with in Italy and according to Italian Law, with jurisdiction in the Court of Termini Imerese.


Talks, master classes, photography exhibitions, traveling installations, urban tours with special guides, music, book presentations and, of course, screenings. All in the beautiful square of Palazzo Adriano and among the streets of the village.