Paradiso Film Fest

2/3/4 august 2024

Palazzo Adriano (Pa)

A trip down memory lane,
between reconstructions of scenes that have gone down in history
and new cinematic narratives.

A trip down memory lane, between reconstructions of scenes that have gone down in history and new cinematic narratives.

Paradiso Film Fest

5ª edition

Talks, masterclasses, photographic exhibitions, traveling installations, urban tours with special guides, an award for the best short film assigned by a technical and popular jury, music, book presentations and of course screenings. All in the splendid square of Palazzo Adriano and in the streets of the village!

From the mouth of a lion that beam of light shone on the wall of the cinema to become magic, adventure, dream, and to excite generations of people at every latitude of the world.
We have chosen the symbol of one of the best-known films in the history of Italian cinema to celebrate Palazzo Adriano and its link with cinematography. The ancient village is a small Sicilian gem, known for having attracted the attention of director Giuseppe Tornatore who made it the main natural film set of the Oscar film “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”, and for having hosted the filming of other films and several commercials advertisers.
Paradiso Film Fest, scheduled for 2/3/4 August 2024, will be a sensorial and artistic journey, an immersion in the world and secrets of cinema and music, to discover a territory with unique and authentic peculiarities.



Marco Leonardi


I remember the journey by car from Palermo to Palazzo Adriano, finding Sicily immersed in flowers, including Jasmine which is my favourite.
The beginning of a great dream

Agnese Nano


It was like seeing the kisses again in the final scene of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, a succession of memories and emotions.

Roberto Lipari


With the writers of “I know everything about you” we deliberately mentioned “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” several times and I even mentioned it without realizing it when they immortalized me while I was watching a piece of the film projected on a big screen for the first time.


The Paradiso Film Fest is generally held in August. In 2024 the festival will take place on 2, 3 and 4 August.

The Paradiso Film Fest takes place at Palazzo Adriano, in the province of Palermo.

Palazzo Adriano is located in Sicily, in the province of Palermo.

From Palermo
Enter E90; take the Villabate exit for S.S.121 towards Agrigento; continue on S.S.121; take the S.S.118 junction for Corleone/Marineo/Bolognetta; continue on State Road 118; at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit and stay on Strada Statale 118 towards Palazzo Adriano.

From Messina
Take A20/E90 from Viale Boccetta; follow the signs for Palermo; take the Termini Imerese exit; keep left at the fork, follow the signs for Caccamo/Roccapalumba; take S.S.285, S.S.121, S.S.189, S.S.188 and S.S.118 towards Palazzo Adriano.

From Catania
follow A19 towards Palermo; take the Tremonzelli exit; take S.S.120, S.P.64, S.P.8, S.P.78 and S.S.118 towards Palazzo Adriano.

By bus
A.S.T. bus lines

To participate it is necessary to send an application following the guidelines in the “NOTICE” section published on the festival website:

No, there is no minimum age to participate in the festival. Our event welcomes participants of all ages.

No, the Paradiso Film Fest is a free event.

Yes, we offer volunteer opportunities for those who wish to contribute.