A new museum to celebrate Cinema Paradiso. Paradiso Film Fest opening and inauguration on Aug. 4

Opens to the public on the occasion of the Paradiso Film Fest (August 4-6 in Palazzo Adriano – PA) the new, totally renovated exhibition space dedicated to Giuseppe Tornatore’s films. A tribute to the film that made the small town nestled in the Sicani famous

Palazzo Adriano (PA) – Inaugurates. Friday, August 4 at 6 p.m., the New Cinema Paradiso Museum: in the very square made famous by Giuseppe Tornatore’s film, the spotlight is shining on the new exhibition space that finally opens its doors to the public on the opening day of the IV edition of the Paradise Film Fest, a sensory and artistic journey into the world and secrets of cinema and music, with sounds and live performances in the streets, cinema under the stars and screenings of short films organized by the City of Palazzo Adriano in collaboration with the Pro-loco of Palazzo Adriano, scheduled through Aug. 6.

A year after construction began, the former City Hall building, whose elevation inspired the set design of the
Cinema Paradiso
, is returned to the community with a totally renovated structure and a new museum layout.

The space, designed to celebrate a film that has left an indelible imprint in the history of cinema and in the hearts of millions of moviegoers around the world, enriches the community with a cinema hall designed for reviews, matinees, auteur weekends and periodic screenings of the many films shot at Hadrian’s Palace. Also, a two-level exhibition area, with the ground floor featuring a permanent exhibition of the stage photos of the Cristaldi Film, props from the film and small mementos reminiscent of the filming period, from the bicycle on which Alfredo used to take little Totò around to the “Cinema Paradiso” seats, and even movie cameras and a scale reproduction of the town’s historic center with the square set for the film; on the other hand, the second floor houses a multimedia area, with an interactive interactive whiteboard where conferences, small concerts and cultural activities can be organized, and another area that is being continuously set up that will leave room for experiential paths: Alfredo’s projection booth and the “stolen kisses” area from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso will be reproduced. A constantly moving space that will change with each visit with an entire space inside dedicated to other films shot over the years at Hadrian’s Palace.

“The newly opened museum will also house the headquarters of the Film Commission already established in Palazzo Adriano in recent months and which aims to become a point of reference for independent film productions and crews that periodically visit Sicily in search of locations, workers and characters,” comments the Palazzo Adriano municipal councilor for culture and tourism Salvatore Spata, who with a group of female volunteers designed the Paradiso Film Fest schedule.


“The opening of the New Cinema Paradiso Museum during the Festival is a significant moment for the community and sums up the city administration’s commitment to preserving and enhancing Palazzo Adriano’s cultural heritage and memory,” explains Nicola Granà, Mayor of the small town that welcomes thousands of tourists and film fans from all over the world every year. “During the days of the Festival, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a village that still retains the charm of a film set, listen to stories and anecdotes from the locals themselves, participate in film screenings and shorts, experience special events and meet directors, actors and screenwriters in an intimate and cozy setting as only small towns know how to be,” Granà concludes.


As in previous editions, the famous square will be transformed into an arena to share the excitement of outdoor cinema and music.

After the opening at 6 p.m. of the New Cinema Paradiso Museum, starting at 10 p.m. music will be the real star of the evening presented by journalist and TV host Gabriella Di Carlo and actor Fabrizio Pizzuto, who has won the hearts of the public with his brilliant film and theater performances, including the famous Agatino Catarella in “The Young Montalbano.” Now devoted friends of the festival, the two will accompany the audience in an evening enhanced by the energy of artists and musicians who draw sap and inspiration for their productions from their living in Sicily.


It begins with Michelangelo Balistreri, a singer-songwriter also involved in film, who in his small and unique Anchovy Museum in Aspra has created an itinerary in which images and music stir emotions. Also, Free, whose music, born in Santo Stefano Quisquina and its famous Andromeda Theater, builds a solid bridge between territory and modernity. Also playing in Hadrian’s Palace will be Giampiero Amato: recently named “Sicilian Man of the Year,” he sings with lucidity and pride about today’s Sicily, with lively rhythms and melodies. The evening closes with Maxime Pistorio, a Belgian musician and filmmaker of Sicilian origin who will bring the Paradiso Film Fest audience to experience the atmosphere of his VKRS Festival in Brussels.


This year’s selection of short films is enriched with works from all over the world thanks to the entry of the call for entries in which more than 100 filmmakers participated and which led the Festival committee to the selection of 26 titles. It will be a unique opportunity to sit at the cinema in a country steeped in history to fly by caressing different realities, silences, fears, games and universal hopes.

Screenings are scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 5 and Sunday, Aug. 6 at 3 p.m.; Saturday morning, starting at 10 a.m., the special format of the
Breakfasts at the Cinema
invites viewers to sample sweet treats before the screenings begin.

Among the scheduled viewings is.
by Victoria Musci (Saturday, Aug. 5, 4:30 p.m.), the animated short film inspired by the story of justice witness Ignazio Cutrò; Musci will linger with the cinefestival community for a moment of discussion at the end of the screening. And yet
Ghost Particle
by William Lombardo (Sunday at 10:15 pm), a short film about the mysterious disappearance of scientist Ettore Majorana. The full schedule of shorts is available at


The screenings are joined by music, with the long-awaited square concert by Lello Analfino. The frontman of the Sicilian group Tinturia will be the protagonist of a live performance in the square of Palazzo Adriano, in an evening dedicated not only to songs from the latest album Period, but to the many successes that have marked the Sicilian artist’s career. A path also marked by a strong connection with the world of film and television: the song
Cocciu d’amuri
written for the film
Andiamo a quel paese
was nominated for the Nastri D’Argento in 2015, while in 2021 the singer and producer attended the Venice Film Festival for composing the closing track of the film
, directed by Giovanna Taviani.


The Paradiso Film Fest, in collaboration with the Ingegni association, offers an urban tour through the streets of the village led by a group of young residents who will tell curiosities related to the places of their daily lives, as well as the history and culture of the small town nestled in the Sicani Mountains. A 7-stage tour (Saturday, Aug. 5 at 10:30 a.m. and Sunday, Aug. 6 at 6 p.m.) starting from Umberto I Square will lead to the town’s highest vantage point, including performances, stories, anecdotes about the film, and of course a guided tour of the new New Cinema Paradiso Museum spaces. Reservation by sending an e-mail to ingegni.palazzoadriano@gmail.com


Also scheduled are meetings with authors. Saturday, Aug. 5 at 6 p.m. space for the presentation of “Mimmo Pintacuda, the discreet witness – The story of the real Alfredo from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso,” Siké editions: the author of the volume, screenwriter Paul Pintacuda, offers a journey into the life of his father, photographer Mimmo Pintacuda, through the pages of a biography constructed like a novel. Pintacuda was the author of thousands of images that narrate the underground history of our country, and Sicily in particular, in the second half of the twentieth century: works that still represent a strong and intense testimony of art and civil commitment with a dazzling effect and that deserve, as Renato Guttuso wrote, to be known, recognized, and rewarded.

On Sunday, Aug. 6 at 10:50 p.m., the leading actor of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso Salvatore Cascio will take the stage set up in Umberto I Square for the presentation of his book “The Glory and the Trial,” Baldini and Castoldi publisher. A dialogue that lays bare Cascio’s life experience through the pages of a volume that is both a cinematic memoir and a tale of formation and rebirth.



Sunday, August 6 the free admission masterclass with screenwriters Ignatius Rosato e Paolo Pintacuda will guide participants through the secrets and techniques of screenwriting. From the initial idea to the treatment, from dialogues to the complete writing, and again, the importance of camera techniques in conveying the essence of a scene, the use of different types of shots, such as sequence plans, fields and counter-fields, to express emotions and intentions of the characters, camera movements to engage the viewer, create tension or emphasize a crucial moment.


On Sunday, August 9, the third evening of the Paradiso Film Fest will bring to the stage in Umberto I Square talks with guest actors and directors of the cinefestival and the screening of the
Best Short Film
awarded by the technical and popular jury in the two days dedicated to short films. Music will make its way throughout the evening thanks to the notes of the guitars of the “Duo Imbesi Zangarà.”